Rental conditions and further expenses


The booking of Caprice Spa takes place over the booking calendar to be found on this webpage. The booking is obliging for the tenant and becomes effective when KLM Trading ApS communicates its acceptance by submitting a written confirmation.

After having received the confirmation the tenant will carry out the payment and KLM Trading ApS will forward a tenancy certificate indicating the address of the holiday home. Upon arrival at Caprice Spa the certificate must be handed over to the service staff and the tenant will receive the key. The meter readings of all usage-related expenses (power, water, heat) will be written down by the service staff, who will also show you some practical things about the house.

The rental period usually commences on a Saturday, and the holiday home is available from 4 p.m. at the earliest. On the final day of the rental period the tenant must leave the house no later than 10 a.m. The holiday home may only be occupied by maximum 18 persons.



When the tenant receives the confirmation and the tenancy certificate, 25% of the rent is due immediately. The balance is due six weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period.

The listed prices apply to the rent of a holiday home on weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday). The prices vary between seasons. For period of stay longer than one week the price may therefore vary if intersecting seasons.

For technical reason the prices in the booking calendar are in Danish Crowns. The corresponding prices in British Pounds you'll find in the season calendar.



Final cleaning of the holiday home is compulsory and the price is DKK 1.800,-. Despite final cleaning being compulsory, the house must be left in an orderly condition and the dishes must be done. Payment for compulsory final house cleaning must be made to the service staff upon arrival at the holiday home.


Additional costs

The consumption of electricity, water and heat are subject to additional charges. On the final day of the rental period the tenant is obliged to return the key to the service staff and collectively the meter reading will be done. The additional costs for electricity, water and heat are deducted the deposit. The prices are:

Electricity: 2,60 DKK/kWh
Water: 70,- DKK / m3
Heat: DKK 2,10 / unit

At your arrival the swimming pool is heated to 28 degrees C. If you wish a higher temperature please inform the service staff upon arrival. The service staff will adjust the temperature. Depending on the season and the weather conditions it takes approx. 24 hours for the pool to heat up to 29-30 degrees C.



The deposit of DKK 4.000,- must be paid to the service staff upon arrival at the holiday home. Companies are obliged to pay the deposit to KLM minimum 2 weeks before beginning of the rental period. If the rental period exceeds two weeks, the deposit will double up. The additional costs for electricity, water and heat are deducted the deposit and the balance will be refunded after end of the stay in so far that no damages occurred.



As mentioned the deposit will be refunded if no damaged occurred. Regarding the Pool Billiard table please note the following:

If a damage that is a hole in the fabric of the billiard table occurs the tenant will be charged with DKK 1.000,- per hole. Caprice Spa should always appear in top condition and therefore the fabric of the table will be replaced for every three holes.

Caprice Spa will be checked very carefully before your arrival and therefore you'll of course not be held responsible for damages caused by former tenants.



The costumer is entitled to cancel the contract. Cancellation must be communicated in writing with a statement of cause. The following cancellation fees apply:

Until 60 days before the commencing date: 20% of the total rent
From 59 – 35 days before the commencing date: 50% of the total rent.
From 34 days and until the commencing date and on default: 100% of the total rent.


Please note this is a non-smoking holiday home and that no pets are allowed. We do not rent out to youth groups. Furthermore we underline that no insurance what so ever is included in the rent.